Raised in the small town of Mosjøen, Norwegian DJ and producer Marvico (Marcus Stensland) always sought to explore beyond the limits of his passions.  

With an interest in soccer from a young age, Marcus would practice day-and-night in hopes of one day playing professionally. At 16, he moved to the northern city of Bodø in pursuit of his goal. Unknown to himself, he would discover a fascination with electronic music. Recognizing the outlet for its imaginative and creative energy, Marcus shifted his focus from the turf to working both his new DJ controller, and the city’s music scene.  

After a long year of local gigs and small-scale success, Marcus took a 10-month hiatus to study music production, paving the way for various future mixes including Take MeYou, and Reflection.  


Each of Marvico’s moves prove bigger than the last. In 2018, the young artist played for his first festival audience at Parkenfestivalen, featured alongside the likes of Alan Walker and Zara Larsson. After ending 2019 with over 150,000 streams and an appearance at Opptur Festival, Marvico is looking ahead to what’s next for his sound.